How do we reduce greenhouse gas emissions NOW?

SYNC BioResources LLC’s mission is to work with its partner organizations to develop community focused models to produce biodiesel. Biodiesel is a perfect replacement for petroleum derived conventional diesel fuel, and it offers many benefits. Biodiesel is nontoxic, can be produced locally and significantly reduces air pollution.  In particular, biodiesel’s reduced particulate emissions help kids riding in school buses.

SYNC BioResources LLC’s goal is to identify a biodiesel production technology that is suitable for community scale production and deploy it. We target waste vegetable oil as the ideal feedstock because it is widely available and is a proven starting point for biodiesel.

Finally, in addition to evaluating different technologies, we are evaluating different business models and structures to work with community partners to create a result that benefits the participants financially and is sustainable. The actions by the Environmental Protection Agency have made this more challenging, but we continue to look for solutions.

We are happy to share our learning and experience with likeminded people and organizations.